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Nothing but you!

Almost a whole year passed by and I still see your face in my memory as if it was yesterday that we saw each other the last time. I thought one day everything will be allright again but I wasn't right. Nothing will be like before. You took my heart with you and it's ok because it don't belongs to me anymore. It's yours!

Everyday I have to think about you and our wunderful common time which was really the best time of my short life. At first blush I was overwhelmed and I knew straight away that you are someone special. You stared me out and smelt me. From the first moment I loved your green-brown eyes where I could see your vitality in. And than I heard your voice, so smart and cute und I really liked to listen when you were talking.

The first kiss! I have to think about it again and again. I don't get it out of my mind. You were so caressing and than I awoke to something...I awoke to that I fell in love with you.

Every single day which I spent with you on the white beach in the hot sun was so exciting for me. Beeing with you in the cool sea water, diving through the waves, everytime Hand in Hand with YOU, was so lovely. The late summer evenings, which we spent at the bar to drink cocktails and watching the sea in the dark. The nights we lay at the beach watching the moon and the stars were so romantic. I can't say it in words, how much this moments mean to me.

But our time was too short. The days passed by one by one and suddenly the last day was dawn. But we enjoyed it like the others. in the evening we was alone. Alone at the beach, alone barefoot through the broken waves. It seemed like a never ending dream. A dream which became true. You admit that you love me, I said that I love you, too. It felt so right to beeing with you on the beach. I don't wanted you to driving back home..without me, without my heart, without our memories. This night I decided to present you my heart, because I don't need it anymore.

The next early morning, i visited you, to say goodbye, to see you the last time, to give you the last kiss, too show you my love the last time. You promised me, that we will meet again and really hoped so much that you keep your promise. And I gave you my heart, you to take it with you.

I cried for days and I couldn't stop it, everything commemorated you. The beach, the sea, the stars, the moon, the bar, the camping ground, the animation show, EVERYTHING!!!

Now, that almost one whole year passed by, I still miss you like one year before. I am desperate and don't know what to do to see you again. I miss, your pretty eyes, your hughs, your kisses, I miss to walk with you hand in hand on the beach, laying lazy with you at the beach, playing with you stupid ball games in the water, diving with you, kissing you in the water under the hot sun, playing beach volleyball, laughing with you about everything, don't matter if it's funny or not, watching the animation show, to elope with you at midnight...There is so much I still miss. I'm watching our photos, we're looking happy and I really was happy with you and now I'm looking forward to see you again someday. Every night I wish you would be here, next to me! Will you ever be next to me again?!...But I really know, that we will meet again, because you've got my heart and without my heart I will never fall in love with someone except it is YOU!!!

 ♥ I will never forget you ♥ 

> You are my whole life....FOREVER < 

15.6.08 18:19


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